Are you connected to other writers?

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.04.07 AMWriters who connect to other writers give themselves a huge edge in the writing world. When we network with like-minded Christian writers for fellowship and feedback, we reap many benefits, such as:

  • Much-needed prayer support
  • Ideas to help us deepen and improve our work
  • Feedback from readers’ perspectives
  • Opportunities to read our work outloud, which helps us discover a lot about our work and make needed changes
  • Motivation to keep writing so as to always have something fresh and current to share (writers often procrastinate!)
  • Spiritual wisdom from people whose faith can inspire our own

Benefits of a Writers Group:

“Oh sweetie, this is wonderful!” This is a typical critique from your mom.
Friends and family are great for providing support and encouragement, but if you want to go further in your writing, you should consider the benefits of joining a critique group. A critique group not only provides feedback on your writing, it provides connections with other writers with similar passions.

Groups dedicated to reading each other’s work and helping each other improve their writing are an integral part of the writing process. Other writers can give us obvious feedback on spelling, punctuation and grammar, but we also need constructive criticism on the flow, pacing and structure of our writing. Much better to hear, “This part isn’t working” from your critique group than from an agent or editor for whom you may only have one shot to impress.

Some groups trade manuscripts before each meeting; others bring an excerpt from their work to read aloud. Meeting with a critique group in person versus an online group provides you with visual reactions to your writing. Did your group laugh at your opening line? Did they gasp when they found out Silvia was not going to return to the mission field with her husband? These immediate reactions can help you rewrite your work for the intended purpose.

Besides the practical aspects of belonging to a critique group, there is the shared camaraderie you form with your group. Many long lasting friendships have begun in coffee shops around the world in critique groups. Make it a priority this year to join the right group for you.

Why you should start your own group:

This is a great opportunity to start your own Writer’s Group.

You will be encouraged to form your group according to the needs and desires of interested members. You can also select your own meeting places, although MCWG suggests non-profit-friendly, public venues such as library meeting rooms, conference rooms, or church meeting rooms, we can help you find the perfect location.

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