December 2015 – Doug Trouten

Dr. Doug Trouten is professor of communication at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, where his courses include “Writing for the Web” and “Web Content Strategy.” An award-winning journalist, he is the former executive director of the Evangelical Press Association and former editor of the Minnesota Christian Chronicle. His doctoral dissertation examined the transition of Christian periodicals from print to web.

Writing for the Web

How do people read online? They don’t – they skim. And that’s just one of the challenges writers face in our new digital age. Learn to understand the web audience, adapt print articles for web consumption, and employ best practices for different online venues, including blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to bring a manuscript you’ve prepared for print, so you can mark it up for online reading during the session.

Could use ideas from these emailed notes for promo blurbs: A session on “Understanding Online Readers,” that would look at the difference between print and web from a reader’s perspective — and what that means for writers. This session could include some information about breaking up and organizing content for the web — steps to take when repurposing a print article for web consumption.