February 2016 – Michelle Lim

Michelle is the author of Idea Sparking: How to Brainstorming Conflict in Your Novel and a contributor in The Truth About Conferences: The My Book Therapy Guide to How to Have a Successful Writers Conference. Michelle is the Brainstorm/Huddle Coach at My Book Therapy and the Midwest Zone Director of American Christian Fiction Writers.

Whether writing nonfiction or writing a romantic suspense novel, you just might find Michelle at her computer with chocolate in one hand and her child’s favorite storybook in the other.

Brainstorming Ideas for Fiction and Nonfiction

Plotting a riveting and compelling manuscript that stands out from the thousands of novels and nonfiction books on the bookshelf takes creativity and strategic thinking. An author must learn to think outside the box, and yet create conflict reasonable and personal to their characters. Even nonfiction must compel the reader to turn the page. Whether you love to plot out every infinite detail before writing, or prefer to discover your story on the journey, Michelle Lim and her brainstorming ideas can help spark your imagination to create the right elements to build powerful writing.