Are you an Everyday Person? February 2017 Newsletter

February 13, 2017

Scott Noble, Reaching Your Audience

Whether you’re writing for business or for ministry, how you develop your content is critical to maximizing its impact on those you want to reach. Discover tips, techniques and approaches that will help ensure that your content is reaching people right where they are. In addition, with more people consuming information on a digital platform, find unique ways to develop articles for print-based readers as well as those who read digital.

Scott Noble has nearly 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, and marketing and communications professional. His articles have appeared in dozens of publications and have won several national awards from the Evangelical Press Association. He served as editor of the Minnesota Christian Examiner for five years and has appeared numerous times on radio and TV discussing his articles. Noble is also the author of the ebook The Seven Dos and Don’ts of Writing Queries. He currently serves as marketing and communications manager for Christian Investors Financial, a nonprofit affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) denomination.

Scott has a B.A. and M.S. from St. Cloud State University and M.A. from Bethel Seminary.


Great opportunity for learning and publishing!

Objective: Write a personal experience article according to the guidelines of Today’s Christian Living with the goal of submitting your article again in the magazine’s own annual writing contest. By entering our contest, you will have the opportunity to win a cash prize from MCWG and a mentoring session with a local editor to strengthen your article (and give you an advantage) to compete in the Today’s Christian Living contest.

Topic: Everyday people who are making a difference for Jesus.

Due Date: March 13, 8:30 p.m.

Details and guidelines are online at


Speaker: Bob Hostetler

Masterful Writing

Sessions will include:

  • Masterful Article Writing
  • Masterful Platform Building
  • Mastering Your Craft
  • Masterful Marketing

You won’t want to miss this one! Hostetler is a terrific speaker with a great sense of humor.

Next Month – March 13
Bob Hostetler

Write Like Will (8 Ways Shakespeare Can Improve Your Writing)

Bob Hostetler’s latest book, among 35 others, The Bard and the Bible, provides an in-depth study of the poetry of William Shakespeare and the power of God’s Word. With those insights, he will describe how the Bard’s techniques are relevant and apply to our writing today.

Join us for this unique teaching on writing techniques!


Are You an Everyday Person?
by Marianne McDonough

Do you know any unsung heroes?

A survey of teens in 2015 ( asked them who their unsung heroes were. Here’s their list in the order of ranking: parent, soldier, teacher, strangers who do something for someone they don’t know, nurse, religious volunteer, coach, unrecognized artist.

Our annual contest topic this year is “Everyday people who are making a difference for Jesus.” Usually we think of spectacular ministers like Billy or Franklin Graham, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren, or Beth Moore, but far more prevalent are all of the unknown, aka everyday, people who comprise the Body of Christ and do the bulk of kingdom work on this earth.

Of the teens surveyed, 53% also said that “putting the needs of someone else above your own” was the #1 trait of an unsung hero.

For our contest, we will write about people like that, only we get to add another element that raises the bar considerably, “making a difference for Jesus.”

What does that mean to you? To me, it means changing a status quo, altering a course of events, influencing opinions and attitudes, or the best possible scenario–guiding someone in the salvation process toward a glorious eternity with Christ.

Being an everyday person is a privilege, folks. How do we make a difference for Christ? As we do everything unto Him every day, He makes the difference in us and through us by the might of His Spirit.

Isn’t it wonderful to be a member of the Body of Christ?