September 2015 – Cindy Rasmussen

Cindy Rasmussen is a writer/speaker and licensed teacher. She teaches classes for Sharpies and Shakespeare: An Art Class and Book Club in One through Minnetonka Community Ed. Her writing has appeared in Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family MagazineTwin’s Magazine and on Cindy lives in Minnetonka with her husband and six kids. You can follow the antics of her attempts to parent said kids on her parenting blog, Barren to Bonkers! (

First Things First: Elements for success. First Pagers Club takes books from good to great.

What makes a reader turn that first page? We will explore famous author’s first pages to see what elements are common in really great literature. Whether you write historical fiction, romance or sci fi; Christian living, memoir or nonfiction, you need to catch (and hold) your readers attention. Discover how classic authors like C.S.Lewis, Oswald Chambers and Lee Strobel; and modern authors like Jerry B. Jenkins/Tim LaHaye, Francine Rivers and Rick Warren create a first page that sets the scene, sets the tone, introduces the characters, introduces the arc of the story, and gets the reader to turn the page.